Horseback Riding

Horse riding on the Ligurian hills, in the field school for adults and children. Villaviani Pontedassio - For information call 333.2799858.

The landscape: the nature intact.

You are in the green Val Prino. An environment largely untouched. Learn to know it: look for the waterways, cool and shady. Up the rich banks of river vegetation on the edge of the ancient paths. Here are the olive groves that cover the entire valley and the western Liguria. Walking under the olives, enjoy Silver Shadow. It observes the millions of cubic meters of stones that allow your steps. In addition, there will be forests of oak and beech and then finally the pastures. Here Chiarina you live life once, with all the conveniences of today. Do not miss during your holiday: swimming in Lecchiore lakes; a hike in the woods Dolcedo.

The ancient roads: the stone paths.

Walking, biking, horseback ... in every way you can learn about the western Liguria in a very profound way by using the old ways. Stone by stone, create a grid along kilometers and kilometers. The backbone of the road system of the past were the streets called "marenche" meaning"sea", which connected the Ligurian coast with the Po valley. There they traveled the salt, oil, wheat, cheese: a large area of ​​exchange. Along the streets inhabited meetings, sacred pillars and votive chapels for the protection of the traveler, in addition to the shepherds boxes. Do not miss during your holidays: the St. Bridget chapel on the mountain road Faudo; a walk for Dolcedo pasturesup to the pace of Vena (and beyond).

The villages: how they are made, what can you admire?

In Val Prino you can learn about the most characteristic aspects of the Ligurian villages. Dolcedo square, with its bridges, its bell towers, its late medieval towers. Countries are often a tangle of alleys called "alleyways". Many of them are totally covered: it means that there the road and the village has been existing for more time, because little by little the houses Also covered the passage. The houses are often concluded by loggias with arcades: there you were dry foodstuffs, such as figs. Then there are monumental churches, shrines, rural chapels and spectacular bridges. A whole world to discover.

During your holiday don't forget seeing public Loggia, churchyard and parish church of Dolcedo; photograph the towers fifteenth in the settlements; the thirteenth-century bridge of Dolcedo said "Knights of Malta", to Ripalta and the ancient Clavi at Torrazza. The sanctuary of the Madonna Montegrazie or the floor boards; Valloria and its painted doors and all the villages of the Prino valley.

The kitchen of western Liguria: the variety, taste.

The taste's discovery in western Liguria is an exciting adventure. Go beyond the clichés that tell a whole Ligurian cuisine based on the sea or on the fish. There really is not a food that prevails over the others and the Mediterranean dimension is completed by an extraordinary range of delicacies. The common principle is the variety, enriched by American products, such as potatoes and tomatoes, but established themselves only in the nineteenth century. Prino's kitchen is part of this reality: quiches, both stuffed (green cake) and trimmed (pisciadèla, sardenaira, piscialandrea ... and do not call it pizza) that simple as in the Middle Ages (porridge). All vegetables are processed, even for fillings legendary: onions, zucchini typical "trumpet", zucchini flowers, potatoes, tomatoes ... The meats are multiple, linked to poultry or to game. In front, there is the sea, with all its variety and the opportunity to enjoy endless specialty soups, fried food and recipes. Everything is connected by a gold wir e, to Taggiasca extra virgin olive oil: fruity, deep, without acidity. And the wines are suitable to the kitchen: the sumptuous Rossese of Dolceacqua, nice Ormeasco, the whites of the Riviera Ligure di Ponente, such as Vermentino and Pigato. Discover with us these treasures ...

written by Alessandro Giacobbe    
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